E-Learning Platforms

E-Learning Platforms and LMS solutions based on OpenSource platforms built to fit each organization and project requirements.

LMS solutions for the corporate and educational sector: Flexible, customized and Open Source.

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Based on Moodle

Based on the latest versions of Moodle, we incorporate improvements in the customization of branding, usability and functionality.

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Easily integrated with external management systems, self-enrollment systems, payment gateways, etc.

E-Learning Platforms 3

On the Cloud

Hosted in our High Availability servers with unlimited storage and traffic capacity.

E-Learning Platforms 4


  • All the standard functionality of Moodle.
  • Creation and visualization of content in multiple formats.
  • System of learning by competences and learning plans.
  • Compatibility with mobile application.
  • Videohosting
  • Integrated with video conferencing system:

E-Learning Platforms 5


Our team at BrainsPro accompanies you in the process of setting up your platform, from the idea to the implementation and maintenance.

E-Learning Platforms 6

Custom development

Customized development of specific functionalities according to the needs of your organization.

E-Learning Platforms 7

Support and training

Permanent product support and access to training resources focused on the use of the platform.

E-Learning Platforms 8

Hosting and maintenance

Specialized hosting for Moodle platforms, high performance and availability, scalable and monitored.

E-Learning Platforms 9

Delegated administration

Specialized teaching and tutoring; Academic secretary of your courses and incident management.

E-Learning Platforms 10

Migration and update

Update to latest versions and migration of your platform to our servers or to those you indicate.

E-Learning Platforms 11


We advice you on online training plans, both in terms of methodology and content.

Budgets that best suit you

Once the necessary requirements are defined, at BrainsPro we start up so that you have your platform installed and working in less than a week at a price adapted to each project.

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Answers to your questions

What is Moodle LMS?

It is the most used Open-source e-learning platform in the world. It allows you to develop effective online training and learning experiences in a collaborative and completely private environment.

What is an LMS?

LMS means “Learning Management System”. It is a program that allows you to organize materials and training activities in courses, manage student enrollment, track your learning process, evaluate them, communicate with them through discussion forums, Chat or email, etc. It allows to do all those functions necessary to manage distance training courses (although they can be used as a complement in face-to-face teaching).

What is Open-source?

Open Source refers to a type of software distributed and developed freely and collaboratively without proprietary licenses.

Why Open Source?

Collaborative code development allows constant innovation, greater flexibility and adaptation, agile problem solving, improves general and specific product documentation and, in short, optimizes the evolution of software and new functionalities.

Some great projects

We highlight some platforms developed by our team for the corporate and educational sector.

E-Learning Platforms 13

European Mobility Platform

Online Campus in 9 languages for collaborative work between partners and for the publication of 8 MOOCs aimed at mobility technicians.

E-Learning Platforms 14

Urban Ecology in Education sector

Creation of interactive content and creative design content for the specialization program “Urban Ecology and Climate Change”.

E-Learning Platforms 15

Professional classroom

Online classroom for the course on Energy Audit, promoted by the Association of Architects and Quantity Surveyors of Málaga.

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