BrainsPro APP

The all-in-one web application to create and manage your own online school in a profitable and efficient way.BrainsPro APP 1

With BrainsPro APP create and manage your own online school


On the Cloud

No installation, hosted on servers with unlimited storage capacity and traffic.


With your own corporate image (logos, colors and images). Own domain. Easy and friendly.


Compatible with external management systems, payment gateways and with your own website.



HTTPS access, Analysis and monitoring., Backup service., Permanent support.



To control student enrollments and your income in real time.

Landing pages

Access to marketing tools such as control of the registration period, prices on offer and discount coupons.

Self-registration system

Through payment gateways or registration forms, allow your students access to your courses with just a click.

Moodle LMS fully Integrated

Teach your courses on the latest Moodle versions completely integrated with your Academy.

BrainsPro APP 2
BrainsPro APP 3

Use BrainsPro APP only when you need it.

Pay through a modular and scalable subscription method with guaranteed permanent technical support.

Price plan

Choose the subscription plan to BrainsPro APP that best suits your needs

(VAT not included)

Included in all plans

→ Self-enrollment system
→ Integrated payment process

→ Unlimited hosting
→ Integration with external tools

→ Integrated learning management system
→ No fees for free courses

Frequent questions

What do I get with my subscription?

You get continuous support and multi-device access to BrainsPro APP, all-in-one solution for creating, selling and teach your online courses.

Do I keep 100% of my sales?

Yes, 100%, without additional fees. Only bank charges are discounted.

When do I receive my earnings?

We transfer your accumulated income (payouts) every 15 days directly to your bank account.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel a plan, you stop accessing your account. See point 7. CANCELLATION OF ACCOUNT of our terms and conditions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your control panel >> SUBSCRIPTION PLAN.

Where are my contents?

Your content is hosted on servers that are subject to European legality in terms of security and data protection.

How do I get my earnings?

When you create a subscription account and set up your profile on BrainsPro as a professional, organization or company, you provide the data to receive your earnings in your corresponding bank account.

How are refunds managed?

Your students can request a full or partial refund of their purchase during the 10 following days. Reimbursed orders are automatically deducted from your sum of income. You can consult at any time the list of orders refunded from your dashboard.

When is my content published?

Your content will be visible and publicly available for sale and/or enrollment at the same time you activate them from your dashboard.


Professional associations, companies, organizations and independent professionals already use BrainsPro APP, here you have some examples:

BrainsPro APP 4

Economy for the Common Good Spanish Association

BrainsPro APP 5

BrainsPro APP 6

Entrepreneurship Project by ONCE Foundation

BrainsPro APP 7

BrainsPro APP 8

Professional college of graduates in Arts and Sciences

BrainsPro APP 9

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